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Dec 2023

Shifeng gave a talk at the Stem Cell Society Singapore 2023 symposium on our neural crest and placode work.


Nov 2023

Shifeng was awarded the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Singapore Award (2023)! Thank you L’Oréal-UNESCO for recognizing our work.

Yahoo! News

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Sep 2023

Farewell to Yi. Welcome Xinran as a Master's student. 

Congratulations to Yolanda for winning poster award on her summer project!

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July 2023

We bid farewell to Glenn, Yolanda and Bihan. Wish you all the best in your studies! We welcome summer student Yi from Cambridge University.

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May 2023

Jasmine graduated from FYP student to RA. Welcome again Jasmine!

Jingyi submitted her Master's thesis. We wish her the best in her PhD studies in the US.

We also welcome summer student Yolanda from U of Toronto!


January 2023

Jingyi gave a talk at Singapore Fish Meeting 2023.

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December 2022

Congrats Angie on her oral presentation award at Biological Sciences Graduate Congress 2022!

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October 2022

Our paper on an AFF3 variant in causing isolated syndactyly is out in Clinical Genetics. Congrats Glenn and Angie! 


September 2022

Nancy came back to visit. It's nice seeing past lab members again! We wish Nancy all the best in pursuing her Master's in Business. Make lots of money!

NUS News wrote a feature article on Shifeng.

Appreciating the “music” of gene interactions in a growing embryo


August 2022

We welcome rotation student Arnab and UROPS student Sahil joining us this semester. (Sahil is not in the photo.)


July 2022

Kimberly came back to visit. We were interested to hear about her new job in science communications!

We bid farewell to our summer Amgen scholar Salmin and welcome FYP student Jasmine.

Lab photo missing Joel and part of Glenn's head. Sorry about that.


June 2022

Our paper on maternal role of Smchd1 is out in Nature Communications!

We find that maternal Smchd1 epigenetically regulates the expression of zygotic genes in the developing embryo.

NUS research brings new light to unsolved genetic diseases in children

Interview on CNA938 Health Matters with Daniel Martin

Nes p75 P0 neurospheres.jpg

April 2022

Lab website is live! (Finally)


October 2019

Xue lab opens at NUS on a Presidential Young Professorship

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